Cabana Las Lilas Steakhouse in Buenos Aires

Consider this place to be one of the Mecca’s of steak in Argentina. There is no doubt about it, the Argentine’s love their grass fed beef! It is said that the Argentine’s consumed the most amount of beef per capita in the world! Of course the thought that came to mind is “TASTE TEST” between American beef and Argentine beef at Cabana Las Lilas.

 As you glide into the restaurant on your tiptoes in pure and complete     anticipation, you walk right by the meat artists that cook the steak to heavenly perfection. Any restaurant that showcases their cooking for you to see is definitely proud of what they have to serve to you. Basically they are telling you “go ahead, look at us cook, we are not hiding anything or doing anything bad behind your back.” I was blown away by the beautiful knife block that the chefs rest their super sharp knives. It was gorgeous! Already a show for us to experience and we haven’t even eaten yet!

The restaurant was definitely busy with hungry customers. They are definitely able to accommodate large parties. We had a party of 29 people and they took good care of us. I would definitely recommend that you book the restaurant as soon as possible. We were there during their winter so I don’t think there was a problem, but it can definitely get busy in the more touristy months. Also, I recommend dressing up for this restaurant. You will see people coming in with jeans or casual clothing, but it was a treat for all of us to get dressed up and celebrate a fabulous meal with each other. All smiles here!

They brought out a beautiful appetizer tray with prosciutto, pickled peppers, mozzarella cheese, pickled tomatoes of some sort. I can’t remember a couple of the other sides, but they were light, very fresh and beautiful on the eyes.  

Introduction to meats in Argentina

So there are various cuts of meat in Argentina and it is imperative that you know what part of the cow you are ordering. 

PARILLA: Special grille used for an asado style barbecue. Used to cook meat

LOMO: Beef Tenderloin

VACIO: A flank steak (I order this a lot in the San Diego restaurant called La Puerto La Boca)

BIFE ANCHO: Prime rib steaks with no bone

BIFE DE CHORIZO: Strip loin steaks (This steak was being ordered a lot when I was in Argentina) 

ENTRANA FINA: A skirt steak that is on the thinner side

Of course there are so many more cuts, but these typically seem to be the most popular. I bought a poster in Argentina that shows the different cuts of meat. It seems to be pretty popular for tourists. I saw this particular poster several places around Buenos Aires and at an Estancia.

As you can tell on the picture to the right, my boyfriend is quite ecstatic about his steak. He ordered the baby beef (800 grams) You can also buy a baby beef (500 gram) steak as well. Let’s just say that the size of the steak was worth the money. My boyfriend definitely likes his steak, but actually had to pawn off a few pieces to some kids that devoured their steak in a matter of minutes. 

If you are a person of detail, you will appreciate this little bit about steak knives. Every single steak knife at Cabana Las Lilas is DIFFERENT. Like a snowflake pattern, each knife on the table had different blades which comes to the striking conclusion of “Do they sharpen each knife everyday and differently?” It’s a good question that I will ask next time I go there! The kids and I actually noticed this and took a picture to document it. My boyfriend had mentioned to me that the Argentine’s take their steak eating seriously and that you will see men actually carrying leather holster belts that hold a steak knife. These meat connoisseurs will be ready for the opportune time that if a steak or piece of meat should happen to show up right in front of them, THEY ARE PREPARED! 

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to eat other sides, but everyone said they were “to die for.” I did get a small taste of the mashed potatoes and they were phenomenal! I did however get to have fun with the kids by arranging all the cow indicators for the steaks. AL PUNTO means medium. We had some fun arranging the cows as you can tell. As for desserts, I did not get a chance to try those either, but I was able to get some snapshots of the desserts. 

The students all sitting at the table bonding and having a fantastic time!

How about a nice cup of coffee with some pastries?

We took all our cows and arranged them into table art (how they tell apart the steak from rare to medium)

Great place to go in Buenos Aires! Expect to pay a little more at this restaurant and dress up so that you don’t disappoint the Argentines at their fine establishment. After you are finished, go take a stroll close to the Calatrava Bridge.


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