AP World History Game Board Project

I was at a point where I wanted to change things up for the students and for myself. Last year, I decided to try something ambitious with the students. They created AP World History Review Game Boards. The point of this project was to have the kids review for the AP Exam in a fun and creative way.


  1. Foam Board, Recycled Game Board or a durable piece of cardboard
  2. Construction paper (colored pieces)
  3. Butcher Paper or Wrapping paper
  4. 3 x 5 cards (some kids chose to laminate them, but I discouraged spending money) to make quiz cards
  5. pencils, color pencils, markers, pens, sharpie (some kids typed their information up)
  6. Elmers Glue
  7. 5 historical land marks (can hand make, or find items and paste them on) For example: If they have a toy pyramid, they can use that. Some kids used legos to build land marks
  8. Have an open mind, great teamwork, creativity and FOLLOW THE RUBRIC

The students had over one month to work on this. They took up to 28 chapters and covered each chapters evenly. You can decide how many quiz cards the kids need to make for the game board. I had them do 50 cards. Of the 50 cards, there needed to be a good majority of easy and intermediate questions. Then they also had to make challenging quiz cards. They created these questions and gave answers on the back of the cards. The challenging quiz cards entailed questions that made students compare and contrast dynasties.

Let me give you some examples:

  1. EASY: Who was the MAIN LEADER for the Mongols? Answer: Chinggis Khan
  2. MEDIUM: What are 3 major characteristics about the Mongol Empire? Answer: Largest Empire in World History, The Mongols were great with equestrian skills and they helped in the spreading of gunpowder.
  3. Compare and Contrast the Mongol Dynasty to that of the Ummayad Dynasty?

Teacher Criteria:

  • You will need to give ample time for kids to assemble and work together in class. I allowed 3 class sessions of working time (1 hour each) Luckily, we have 2 hour blocks. I reminded them before our work days in class to bring materials to class. The rest of the time they had to get together outside of school to work on this project.
  • You will need to provide a rubric that is COMPLETELY CLEAR. It also had the breakdown of points so that students knew exactly what they needed to do to get the best grade. The project was 200 points total.
  • Remind the students to not procrastinate. Keep reminding them of due dates. Remind them that team work is essential. If you are worried about accountability, you can break up the project due dates and have them turn in elements of the game as they go.
  • Model and teach them what effective team work is like. Tell them to have 3 main goals each time they meet so they can measure their progress.
  • Encourage them to do well. Show samples of student work. As the kids were working, they took pictures and sent them to me. This helped me assess if they were on target. In a few situations, I was able to correct the students and they were on their way.

Game Board Day:

Students all got together to present their game boards to me. I will admit there were a LOT of gameboards in my class and it got a little crowded. We had to take the game boards outside to evaluate and play them. In this process, I feel it was more effective to have kids evaluate and play the game. They critiqued what worked and what didn’t and took notes on a evaluation sheet. This ensured that everyone was participating, and that they were helping me in the grading process. Kids were very honest about what was wrong and what worked very well. Students had great fun with games that listened to every criteria. You could literally see what kids were not having fun with games that didn’t follow directions. We spent about an hour playing games. Kids requested if they could play their own games as well for fun. Kids also brought in snacks and drinks to celebrate their creations.


Students said they learned a lot from the process of making the questions. It was great seeing kids learning and having fun. Some kids incorporated candy into their games and that was a huge hit with students.

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3 thoughts on “AP World History Game Board Project

  1. Would you be willing to share the rubric you created for this activity? I’m a student teacher and I’ve been wanting to do a project like this with my AP World History students.

  2. Love this! I am a first year teacher and first yearAP World History teacher. Would you mind sharing your rubric with me? (Melissa.Taylor@kellerisd.net)

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