Dogs Walking in Buenos Aires

So you if you are a sucker for detail and observation, you will appreciate this one if you have been to Buenos Aires and have seen the dogs! Hundreds and thousands of dogs are to be seen in Buenos Aires which also leads to the stunning conclusion of dog poop!

Yes, everywhere and you have to be a good walker in Buenos Aires which means that you not only focus on where you are going but you must have dog poop radar to sense if you are going to step in dog poop. As our Argentinian friend Mauriano said “It’s good luck if you step in it”. Must have been a trademark created by the Argentinians because everyone has probably stepped in it.


The Argentinians love their pooches, there is no doubt about it. I was down there during the FIFA World Cup and saw pooches parading in their patriotic Argentina Jerseys to root for their home team. It was great to see dogs dressed up in spirit wear.


So if you are in a car, walking, or on a bus, you will frequently see professional dog walkers walking a huge pack of dogs. The most I saw was a dog walker with about 15 dogs. They were all patient, moving together in unison and very obedient. They must be trained to walk together. The question that I have is, “how much do they get paid?” Must be a good profession if there are so many dogs and dog walkers in the city. More than 50% of Argentinians live in Buenos Aires. The students that were with me on this trip kept getting excited when we would see a pack of exercising dogs. Most of the time too, the dog walkers don’t even need to pick up their dog poop. Seems like a pretty easy job. But then again, every job has its pros and cons. The other question that I have is “How do Argentinian people respond when you say that you are a professional dog walker?” I’ll never know until I meet a professional walker. Till then, Ciao!


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