Casa De Las Botas

An article from Conde Nast Traveler led me to go check out this lovely boot shop. My curiosity led to several of our group members taking a trip to the store! TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I have had a subscription to Conde Nast Traveler magazine for about 2 years now. Reading articles from this magazine inspire me in a multitude of ways. It reinforces the things that I teach in my classroom in regards to history and culture. I am always looking for creative ways to get my high school kids thinking about how history connects in their lives everyday. By inspiring my kids to travel, I pep talk to them about how wonderful it is to go out and see the world. I always encourage them to study hard and do well with their academics in hopes that their hard work will pay off in the future. Finally after my 4th year of teaching, I received a postcard from Beijing, China. One of my students wants to be a teacher and was able to travel and teach in China!

Ok, enough rambling about teaching stuff. ON WITH THE STORY about shoes in Buenos Aires. So, I am thankful that I read a hip and trendy article about SHOES in Buenos Aires in the posh district of Palermo. A trip had already been planned for June of 2010. The page was quite eye catching. There was a picture of a blue suede shoe made by Lucila Lotti. The shoe was described as a “fab skycraper heel”. The colors of the shoe had a mixture of dark blue suede, turquoise suede and a seafoam blue/green. Below is a picture of the closest shoe I can find to the picture. I added another picture to give you an idea of the craftsmanship and avantgarde design of shoes. The designs stir up playfulness, youth and creativity. She is also a beautiful lady!

Source: Pattern Pulp

Source: Production Paradise

I did some research and found out that a lot of Lucila Iotti’s shoes were sent to the Sex and the City stylist crew for the first Sex and the City movie. Looking at the shoe colors and fun nature of these shoes, I can definitely see it being a cinderella moment for Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Source: I Watch Stuff

If you are familiar with South American art and history, you know that COLOR is symbiotic with its history. Color makes me tick and I think the South Americans felt the same way. Color to me implies happiness, vitality and beauty. The picture of Frida on the right captures these feelings that I have for COLOR. When I think of South America, I think of beautiful COLORS. If Frida were alive still today, she would appreciate the beauty of Lucila Iotti’s shoes. In fact, I can visualize her in the Moria blue suede shoes! Her husband, Diego Rivera showcased color in his famous murals.

Source: Famous Mexican Artists

Conde Nast used buzz words to stir up emotion with their “shoe fetishists” as they so stated in their article. They also started off the article with “Footwear freaks unite!” Hilarious! I don’t share the same enthusiasm as the “shoe fetishists” but I can appreciate what they love. Halfway through the story, a shop intrigued me. A store by the name of La Casa De Las Botas talked about customized boots that were measured at the shop and picked up in approximately 5 days! WOW! Imagine that, your own boots created for you, how luxurious is that? They emphasized that the boots were made for polo, dressage and riding. I cut out the article and bookmarked it for myself. I visited the store in June of 2010 with my boyfriend and 3 high school students on an educational trip. Here is what I observed.

Ok, so the first initial thought going into the store, was “this is it?” I was expecting some HIGH END our boutiquey type of shop, but it was an actual working BOOT SHOP. Took me awhile to soak in, but when it did, it was magical. HOW COOL IS THIS? They actually take measurements, cut the leather, stitch the boot, put on the sole. It sounded like Santa’s little elves creating Christmas toys. We were impressed!


You can see that La Casa De Las Botas caters to famous Equestrian groups! The President of Argentina and his family order boots from this fine establishment!

I felt like Alice in Wonderland in regards to my curiosity. I asked the shoe man if it was ok to walk around and take pictures. He said it was perfectly fine. Of course I felt like a stupid tourist for doing it, but I really was impressed with what I was seeing. I walked around the corner and towards the back of the store. It was a huge workshop that was scattered with wooden shoe legs, scraps of leather, clutter on the ground, etc…The following pictures show what I observed.

I was so pleased to have experienced a TRUE Conde Nast experience and be able to appreciate it with my boyfriend and 3 wonderful students! The girls were really in tune with appreciation of craftsmanship that it almost brought a tear to my eye! It was a bonding experience with these girls. Jer even appreciated the whole experience. Mckenzie picked up her boots a couple days later. The store even stamps the inside of the boots with the seal of authenticity. She will be using them for dressage at Yale. Why can’t we have more of these types of places everywhere? Thank you Buenos Aires and La Casa De Las Botas and Conde Nast traveler!

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