Climbing Torrey Pines in San Diego

Torrey Pines State Reserve in San Diego

This hiking trail is truly a GEM. The Romantic Poets would have loved to have escape and hike these beautiful trails. It’s a perfect place to REFLECT, PONDER in thought and to think about life. When I come here and hike, I take a deep breath and realize how majestic and thankful I am for living in San Diego. I get at least an hour or two to myself to walk and think. I then usually realize how hard I work and don’t get out. Others are climbing or trekking enthusiastically enjoying what nature holds. For me, I have to literally drag myself out, but when I do and when I climb the hill and see the view from above, it is BREATH TAKING!

I often overhear people talking and walking as if it was therapy. Can’t tell you how many conversations I have heard about “break ups” or “crazy relationships” or how “work is mundane” It just makes me realize that it is FREE NATURE THERAPY! Take a deep breath of fresh San Diego AIR and release…..OM……..OM…….Tranquility.


If you are not from around here, if you go early in the morning, before 8:00, you can try to park on the free parking spaces on the Pacific Coast Highway. Otherwise, if you would like to help support California State Parks, it is a $10 fee that you can use all day until the park closes.

For Trail Map Information, click on the following link.

I have climbed at least 3 of them. One of the trails takes you to a cliff that overlooks all of Del Mar to La Jolla Beach. If you look carefully into the ocean, you can see dolphins swimming with the waves. On warmer days, you can watch the surfers flirt with waves. In the summertime, be careful for rattlesnakes.

If you enjoy touring Torrey Pines, drive a bit further towards UCSD and go check out the Gliderport where people have fun hang gliding! ENJOY SAN DIEGO!


2 thoughts on “Climbing Torrey Pines in San Diego

  1. Torrey Pines looks incredible! I’ve never been there, but I’m going to have to add it to my to-do list now. San Diego has so many cool things to do.

    • Jessica, San Diego is truly a cool place. It took me a long time to appreciate it. Believe it or not, it took me a lot of traveling outside of San Diego and living in Japan to appreciate the beauty of it. You can go to Mexico in an hour, go to the desert in a couple of hours, go to the beach in minutes, go snowboarding in a couple hours. Truly cool!

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