The Medieval Charm of Prague

Ahhhhh…..the beautiful city of Prague! I fell in love with the architecture and the old historic feeling of the charming city. As you walk up to the Prague Castle and glance into the small gift shops, you’ll sometimes run into large displays of witches. I have to admit, they are kind of creepy, especially the puppet witches that they sell with marionette strings. I do love them though!

ImageI couldn’t help but appreciate the old feeling of markets and artisans in the street. I could smell the aromas of wonderful “trdlos” otherwise known as a traditional sweet dough bread. You see these wooden stands with the pastries wrapped around some kind of a heated cast iron spinner. The stands this time were decorated with flower wreaths to help celebrate Easter.Something interesting to know about the Czech Republic or about Eastern Europe is that when you get off the train to arrive in Prague, there are people that wait for you in the train station to see if you need a place to stay. As much as that sounds terrifying for an American, its not a strange custom in Eastern Europe. Chris, my friend who traveled with me to Czech Republic had mentioned this custom and said it was pretty reliable. We didn’t get a chance to book a room in Prague, so when we got off the train, we went searching for people who were trying to book lodging. We found a guy who said he had a wonderful place for us to stay in the middle of old town. We walked with him for about 2 miles. The hard thing about it was that I was carrying my backpack and duffle bag and it was really hot! When we got to the hotel, which happened to be very lovely for the price that we were paying ($40 a night) the rooms had all been taken. You can imagine that our guide was pretty upset and so were we. Chris and I started talking about renting an apartment. Our guide seemed to know a man who could offer us that. This meant another 2 mile walk and would be in a different part of town. We accepted to follow him to the next place as we were really tired and pretty desperate to drop all our stuff off and know that we had a place to stay. We were able to rent an apartment for $120 a night (splitting it in half it ended up being $60 a night). After dropping off all my things and getting organized, I was refreshed and ready to explore.

Walk around in the OLD TOWN of Prague!

The colors in town were radiant. You could hear the sizzling of meats on the rotisserie kiosks. Kids and parents were snacking and sitting at tables set up by the city in a mid plaza area. There were lots of transactions of money and food going back and forth. Even though I could not understand anyone’s conversations, I could feel the true joy in everyone’s voice and a feeling of relaxation. I was soaking in every view that I could possibly take. I especially appreciated all the fun things to see in the kiosks. I saw metallurgy, delicate flowers, marionette puppets, handmade cookies and desserts and a great farmers market.

One thing that I can say is that Prague has a feeling of charm. It truly feels Cinderella-esque. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to look up at the skyline and see the beautiful churches and towers that you see in history books. One view is a beautiful clock tower that has a special clock function on the hour where little figures come out like “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland. Other views are pointed towers and lots of old Medieval buildings. The cobblestone streets also make it extremely charming and reminded me a lot of parts of Spain and Italy.

Make sure to capture the detail of the St. Vitus Cathdral in Prague. Look at the beautiful Romanesque Circle. Be sure to check out the elaborate gargoyles on this Cathedral.
 A Cinderella Photo Shoot
One of the best examples of an astronomical clock in all of Europe.
Take a stroll down old town in a carriage for “old times” sake
To celebrate the Easter festivities, traditional dances were taking place in the Old Town Square.HAPPY EASTER PRAGUE!

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