WWII Major Leaders Graphic Organizer (PDF) AP World/AP European History

Source: http://www.nationalww2museumimages.org

Click here for the chart: WWII Leader Chart

Have high schoolers that need to understand the WWII major leaders more? I have created this chart. Please use it for AP World, AP U.S., or even AP European History. It can be used for college prep as well.

Here is a WWII Major Leaders Chart that I created for WWII. The chart consists of pictures for each of the important people and gives a very BRIEF idea of who the person was and why they are important. This is more geared towards California State Standards. Have the kids print the chart out and put it in a review binder. Can use this for second language learners and even college prep learners.

Works Cited:

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WWII. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. <http://www.nationalww2museumimages.org/web-assets/images/touring-normandy-snapshot1.jpg&gt;.


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