Smoking Goat in North Park, San Diego

Looking for a restaurant in San Diego that has character and GOOD FOOD! Wander in the path of the “Smoking Goat”. Nestled in North Park between a happening bar and the Mosaic Wine Bar, is the charming “Smoking Goat” The place is small and recommendations are definitely worth doing, especially on Thursday through Sunday evenings. Limited seating and people enjoying their food, means longer conversations over the fantastic food.

My boyfriend gets the credit for discovering this place. He wanted something different and “tasty”. He somehow found out that this place has a San Francisco-ish feel and boy was he right. The place opened up in 2010. We discovered it in 2011 and will continue to go there because of the quality of the food. Apparently they won an award from San Diego Home & Garden called the Silver Fork Award.  Talking to our server the other night, he mentioned that the chef was trained at Le Cordon Bleu in France, so he has a lot of experience with European food.

Photography Source: Nautical Stripes

Source: San Diego Reader

Source: Smoking Goat

They are a young bunch. Based on our experiences there, the guys have been super nice, super accommodating and very proud of what they serve. They are super knowledgable about the dishes and give great recommendations.

What We Have Eaten:

The Suzy’s Beet Salad is super healthy and comes out in a great presentation. It is stacked up arugula with luscious dark red beets, sprinklings of goat cheese, toasted walnuts and a champagne vinaigrette. I was so inspired by the taste that my boyfriend and I tried to re-create it the next evening for dinner. Of course it didn’t taste as luxurious as it did at the Smoking Goat, but it inspired us. I think the cost was around $11.00 for the salad. My boyfriend and I split this as an appetizer.  Looks something like this:

Source: Whole Food Markets

Apparently the Smoking Goat is famous for their Duck Fat Fries that have truffle oil on them. I’m not a fan of fries that have a lot of ingredients on them, especially garlic fries. However, I can say that they made these fries “heavenly” Of course you feel like you are sinning when you eat them because they do have truffle oil on them, but they don’t taste incredibly greasy like other fries that I have had. When I first heard “duck fat”, because I felt like I was going to overindulge. I felt like I had to go to confession (J/K) Totally worth splitting as an appetizer. If you do get the burger, don’t order the fries because they accompany the burger. Oh…and by the way the fries come with a mayo, dijon mustard aioli type sauce.

Source: Smoking Goat

“Keep Calm and Carry On”… the British say. Next, my boyfriend ordered the Cast Iron Duck Breast with mash, red cabbage and huckleberry sauce. “I’m your huckleberry” – Doc Holliday. Our server gloated and gleamed about his choice. When the duck went into the cast iron pan, he showed us the duck sizzling in the pan. We were sitting at the bar that allowed us to watch the cooks. It made us both more excited for our dinner. Mind you, the food was so fantastic that I didn’t want to ruin my dinner by taking pictures. This is the closest that I can represent it. The flavors all melted together in a “nirvana” type experience. The huckleberry was sweet and tart and perfectly complimented the duck. The huckleberry sauce swirled with delight into the mash and was a creamy decadent creation.

Source: Crave dfw

I ordered the Burger on Brioche. I ordered it medium and it was accompanied with duck fat fries. The burger was juicy and super filling.

I did go ahead and order some dessert, volcano chocolate flourless cake to be exact. It was super “gooey” and “chocolaty”, maybe a little more chocolatey than expected. It was topped with melting vanilla ice cream. I overindulged more than I could have, but couldn’t help it. Next time I go, I will take pics of the food and post them up.

I know that their pork chop is famous for its size. You may want to split that with someone else. Our bill ended up being around $89 with tip included (an ice tea, a full size Pellegrino Bulgari Water, duck fat fries, beet salad, burger on brioche, cast iron duck and a volcano flourless cake) We were absolutely stuffed. If we go again, we’ll probably keep it more simple which would put our bill at about 50$ or so. Worth it, YES! Great date spot, special occasion and you support a local shop rather than a huge commercial restaurant.

THEY ARE EXPANDING. They will be serving up to 90 people, so probably less of a wait. Will the service be as good, we’ll find out! STAY TUNED!

Critic Reviews on the Smoking Goat

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4 thoughts on “Smoking Goat in North Park, San Diego

    • If you go, make sure that you know that you will spend a bit more money. The quality of the food and ingredients is good though. They have expanded so I cannot promise good service. I’ll have to see how service is when I go back there.

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