Snapshots of Spain

Spain is a country full of vibrant colors. It’s a photographer’s paradise. Lots of old buildings in a grid pattern that make snapping photos fun! There is a lot to take from whether or not you are into food, architecture, little details, museums, art, people, helado, coffee, shopping and I can keep going. You get the point. Let me let the pictures speak for themselves. VALE!

Of course I was captivated by the bull. This was taken in Sevilla, Spain on a hot night. The colors and lighting remind me of the humidity and summer that makes Sevilla memorable. I had come from Casa De La Memoria where I watched serious Flamenco dancers stomp their hearts out. The dance was so powerful and so intimate that everyone felt like they had a “hot and heavy” moment in Spain. Something about the Sevilla summer that is romantic and sensual.

It’s lunch time in Spain, what to do? MENU DEL DIA! One of the biggest meals of the day. A Menu Del Dia is great because it usually includes an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. Helado topped off with a chocolate sauce is not a bad choice. We all scream for ice cream. You take your time on your meal, sit, talk, relax and “be”. This is what I love about Spain!

Did you know that Salvador Dali made jewelry? One of my friends had told me to make sure that I went down to the jewelry gallery of Dali’s after I toured the museum in Figueres, Spain. The regular Dali museum was a madhouse  where people looked like they were going to kill each other. I know secretly, Dali was somewhere laughing at all of us. It was nice seeing the jewelry where there were less people and it was dark. This eye reminded me of his famous works. The turquoise color and the shining jewelry made this piece visually stunning (no pun intended).

Dali, what more do I say?

While you are pish poshing around Madrid, make sure that you go and check out Mercato de San Miguel. It’s definitely a trendy food market that boasts tapas, sangria, desserts, produce and some other eclectic finger foods. You’ll see people sitting down at bar stools sipping wine, laughing and engaging in great conversation. The only bummer thing for me was not having people with me to enjoy this. I was solo on this part, but still enjoyed snapping photos and eating great food.

Pan por favor. The Spaniards take pride in their carbs and eat it proudly. As a tourist it is important to know that once the bread hits the table, if you do not say “no gracias”, then you will be charged for your bread. I learned that mistake in Granada. The girl was nice to explain this to me and then when I came the next day, I said right away “no gracias”. We both started laughing! However, I am glad that I tried the local bread out. Before I snapped this photo, the bread was inside a waxed paper bag that advertised the local bakery in Granada. I value and appreciate each that each restaurant and local businesses support each other. This truly extends a helping hand out to the local economy. You can see a generous helping here of a aioli type sauce and olive oil.

I saved the best for last. This is a picture of my absolute favorite jamon iberico and pan con tomate y aceite de olivos from Sagarra in Barcelona, Spain. My friend and I went to a local bookstore and asked the local for a great place to have a snack. He recommended Sagarra. I literally went there at least 3 or 4 times for my jamon iberico addiction. I have great memories of people watching here and great conversation with my friend. SPAIN, I LOVE YOU!



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