Salt Lake City….and Beer?

Salt Lake City….and Beer.

Before the beer talk, here is a little about Salt Lake City..

I’m on work for a week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wasn’t too sure what to expect on my way here because I usually like to do some reconnaissance on places that I am traveling to before I go. So, this post is literally what I have experienced here. First word: CLEAN! Second word: CALM!

I am lucky that the convention that I am at has shuttle service for the whole week! The shuttle runs from 6:30 A.M. till 11:00 A.M. at night. The shuttle service is actually a company that shuttles people back and forth in the winter from Salt Lake to Park City for the posh resorts like Snowbird, Canyons Snow Resort, Park City Resort and Deer Valley. The bus drivers were all super nice. I talked to one of them and he gave me information about a place to go towards the Great Salt Lake where there were buffalo and antelopes. I didn’t get a chance to go there, but he also told me that Park City was about 35 minutes away.

I stayed at the Little America Hotel which I highly recommend if you ever come and stay in Salt Lake City. The customer service is exceptional. The concierge, Bonnie (on a first name basis with her because she rocks!) was a sweetheart. It was great seeing familiar faces in the hotel and talking to them about what to see and do. Bonnie recommended the following with great enthusiasm.


  1. Mormon Temple. 4 acres of land which consisted of lush gardens, a genealogy center, a huge conference center that seats 21, 500 people, several other meeting centers. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir also rehearses on various days. Didn’t get a chance to see that but people from the conference said it was amazing!
  2. The Salt Lake City Library
  3. The various pubs and restaurants such as the Red Rock Brewery, The Green Pig, The Beehive Pub, the Copper Onion, Squatters Pub, the New Yorker and so on. I got a chance to see several of those places.
  4. Park City if you can get up there
  5. Cathedral of the Madeleine
  6. Various Parks
So what can you do in a week in Salt Lake City? Here is what I did.
Day 1: Mormon Temple Property
From Little America, you can take the free trolleys up to Temple or you can walk. About a 15 minute walk straight up on 300 street to Temple. Free of Charge. Pictures allowed, just don’t do flash in the meeting centers. You will walk around lots of beautiful plants and flowers. In the month of June, there are beautiful pops of color everywhere you walk. You’ll see tons of young college students from various parts around the world giving tours. They have name tags that tell you where they are from. If you have a question, they will be sure to answer. Go check out the upstairs garden where the conference meeting center is. It has a fantastic view of Salt Lake City. You can see the “U” for the University of Utah. There were a lot of plants on the roof that I had never seen before. The guide mentioned that they let the plants go wild upstairs. The conference center holds 21,000 and there are no columns which means that every seat has a good view.
Go check out the Joseph Smith Memorial Center. It used to be the old original hotel of Salt Lake City. Many presidents have lodged and dined at the hotel in the past. The stained glass was beautiful with its green hues and the chandeliers were dripping with radiance. Now the Joseph Smith Memorial Center has one of the largest genealogy centers in the world!
So after viewing the Mormon Temple Property (4 acres of it) it was time to get down to some serious business, some beer drinking business. So the stereotype about Utah is that you cannot drink, NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!! Did I run into any business of having to purchase a member card after hours, NO! Salt Lake City is definitely trying to get more tourists in and putting alcohol on the menu does the job.
So let me SHOCK YOU!!!!!! Because I was seriously shocked when I heard about this. It was the talk of all the tables at the convention. The conversation started out like this…..”Oh, while you are in Salt Lake City, you have to try………………..POLYGAMY PORTER! Yes, my friends, you heard it right POLYGAMY PORTER. The caption at the bottom of the bottle says “Why have just one”.
You can buy Polygamy Porter at major grocery stores. I bought a bottle of Polygamy Porter for $1.62 at Harmons Grocery Store in Salt Lake City. You can mix and match the Wasatch and other brewery beers in a box for $8.99. Great thing about Salt Lake, CHEAP GOURMET BEER!!!!!!!! I saw another Wasatch Beer called “Evolution Amber Ale”. When we were at the Grocery store, the baggers said “Oh, she bought some “rebellion” beer” Of course, they were joking around. They told me that the Polygamy Porter was great! It tasted like Guinness Beer with a Chocolaty taste, delicious! I loved watching the beer cascade and dance around when it was poured into a glass at the Beehive Pub!
 Squatters Pub in Salt Lake City
Fantastic place to go to that has the feel of a local bar and a happening spot. Squatter’s Pub was packed with people laughing, eating and socializing! As you walk in, there is a lot of woodwork in the pub. You also cannot miss all the beer medals that they have up on the wall. Definite bragging rights. I even saw a display of hops to help teach some people about the making of beer.
Source: Well Preserved
Had nachos at Squatters as an appetizer and had some Chasing Tail Beer. CHEAP PRICES!
Day 2: Beerhive Pub in Salt Lake City
The Beerhive Pub is a classic local meet up bar. They serve the classic Polygamy Porter on tap. I walked in to find other conventioneers happily conversing over beer. The Beerhive Pub has a cool ice rail for your drinks at the bar. So you can be assured that your beer keeps cool. I’ve seen these ice rails before in San Diego at a bar called Dussini’s.
The bar rail is pretty long so I would say that there were at least 20 bar stools. There were plenty of tables, including an outside patio, but there were not enough servers the day that we showed up. We slipped them a $10 bill extra so that they would remember us next time and that they would tell their boss to up the staff for us conventioneers. Went in the very next day and saw that they increased the staff by at least 3 more servers. The girl that was waiting on us was amazing. She was taking care of at least 20 tabs! She must be doing yoga and meditation to have as much patience as she did. She was even smiling and being nice to EVERYONE!
Day 3: Red Rock Brewery
The Brewery is to the right of the restaurant. I’m sure they had some kind of tours available or tastings. Didn’t get a chance to ask.
The picture above shows you that RedRock Brewery has a great ambience. I enjoyed watching the bartender all tatted up with full sleeves pouring beer after beer. Servers were shuffling around smiling, greeting and offering beer recommendations. People were dining solo like me and enjoying a refreshing and tasty beer. Others were on dates or in groups with their friends snacking on buffalo wings. I ordered a burger that had an alternative bun. It was more like a bread wrap. Prices were reasonable and I liked where I sat.
Day 4: Green Pig
Why go here? Because the Green Pig has an rooftop patio that overlooks a beautiful church! You can’t go wrong for the view here. I ordered a 22 oz beer (gourmet) for $5.50, a STEAL! Seats get filled up here quickly if it is a warm and beautiful day. We were lucky to have the weather on our side while we were there for our conference. This is where some of the hipsters hang out. Let’s just say that I saw many workers from Red Rock Brewery hanging out here after their shifts. 3 faces that I saw at RedRock the day before were definitely hanging out at the Green Pig. There was a major basketball game going on, so the bar downstairs was packed. Remember that Utah has different laws about smoking, so if you are bothered by smoke, the upstairs patio is fair game for smokers. I’m not bothered by it, but others may find it annoying.
I will admit that this bar gets a bit loud. There were a few guys that got a bit rowdy and there was a bit of a confrontation, but the “super” drunk guy took off. No problems. The problem was resolved on its own. Loved being outside with a great view!
Day 5: Park City: Wasatch Brewery & No Name Saloon
Park City is about 25 to 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City if you are in for the drive. I rented a car (Fiat 500) from Enterprise Rental Cars ($44.00) for one day. It was super cheap, so I was in for the experience! The picture above is the outside dining area of Wasatch Brewery. It looks like a super cute bistro, but indeed it is a patio for a famous brewery. Yes, Wasatch is the brewery that makes Polygamy Porter. Sip on a beer while glancing at the gorgeous array of vibrant flowers!
No Name Saloon
The No Name Saloon is like riding your horse into the wild west. It’s a cute bar nestled in between boutique shops on Main Street in Park City. They have an huge selection of beers on tap and a full bar. Try their famous buffalo potato chips (no, not real buffalo) The burger was…..mehhhh. I’m sure they had something else that was tasty, but I didn’t get a chance to taste anything else. Could have stayed here longer but we were pressed for time. They have an upstairs roof bar as well that was awesome!
Didn’t get a chance to go the Epic Brewery, but I have included a picture.
Of course, I didn’t get a chance to go to all the breweries, but I had a good run with a few places. Next time I will be checking out the Red Door and Bar X. I’m sure there will be some other great places by the time I go back next year!
Here are a few other photos from my trip in Salt Lake City and Park City! I found Salt Lake to be spacious, clean and calm. I’m used to living in a busy city, so a breath of clean fresh air with not too much traffic and super nice people was a great experience. Thank you Utah!
Mormon Temple: Since you cannot enter this building, you can see what the inside of the building looks like by visiting the visitors center.
In Park City I took the ski lift up to the top and around. It was an hour long ride and SO worth it! It was relaxing although I regret that I forgot to put more sunscreen on. I was able to see a baby deer and mom eating in the woods. I had a chance to reflect and collect my thoughts from the week. It was a great way to reward myself after a week of grading literally thousands of essays. The ski lift ride was $11.00. You have to go to the bathroom before you ride this because there are no stops along the way. By the way, Park City is the home of the Sundance Film Festival. Park City can get super pricey and expensive during the month of January. You will however see tons of celebrities!
Recommended Ski Resorts during the winter months:
I took this picture of Joseph Smith’s old house? I’m not too sure what it was, but the flowers were beautiful!
This is a picture of Harmons Grocery Store! Amazing selection of foods and products. This is where I bought Polygamy Porter for $1.62. They are open on Sundays! Also this store is typically open till 11:00 P.M. They have an upstairs area that has free wifi, a fireplace, comfy sofas and great tables to eat at. Can’t go wrong with this designer grocery store!
Kurobuta Pork Dish at Naked Fish with Sapporo Beer! Naked Fish had top quality ingredients. My friends who had sushi said it was top grade. The sushi chefs were super accommodating for our friend who needed gluten free food. They told my friend to come back and the chef would cook up all kinds of fun food for our friend. She was excited due to the fact that our convention food was making her sick. The staff at Naked Fish were superb on service. They even have a tatami room!
Thanks Salt Lake City! Had a great time!

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