Jaleo Dining Experience and the Cosmopolitan: Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas is one of the premier newbie hotels that is getting a lot of attention and traffic in their hotel. The big buzz is the massive 3 story draping chandelier that glitters with dazzling sparkle. At first, I thought the chandelier was all cut glass, but as my friend took a closer look on the third floor, she touched the strand. The chandelier appeared to be made out of plastic. Still pretty though!


If you are going to eat a the Cosmopolitan, many of the famous restaurants get booked. With Vegas, you never know if it is a busy week with a Convention or event. Reservations are always recommended. Here is a list of the restaurants at the Cosmopolitan.

  1. Comme Ca: French Brasserie: Celebrity Chef: Los Angeles David Meyers
  2. Estiatorio Milos: Mediterranean Seafood: Celebrity Chef: Greek Born Costas Spiliadis
  3. Jaleo: Spanish Tapas: Celebrity Chef: Spanish born Jose Andres
  4. Holsteins: Natural & Organic Cuisine: Burgers are the emphasis here
  5. Scarpetta: Italian: Celebrity Chef: Scott Canant
  6. STK: Steakhouse: Celebrity Chef: Stephen Hopcraft

There are a lot more dining experiences with their more casual approach to dining if cost is an issue. You can always lounge it up as well and enjoy a colorful and classy act. We lucked out and saw a beautiful Big Brass Band 1940’s style! There was definitely a crowd that was mesmerized by this 40’s beauty. I asked my friend why women wandered away from this type of beauty! She was stunning and her band members were full of swag and smiles. If you enjoy the Andrew Sisters or appreciate history, you’ll love this lounge act. This music gets you in the mood to drink a dirty martini. There were a couple men smoking cigars with Cheshire Cat smiles.

If you are in the mood for shopping the Cosmopolitan is not really the place to shop. There are a few shops, but nothing like the Venetian or Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops. I would say that the shopping is geared towards a trendy 30 or 40 year old. The famous London based All Saints Spitalfields is worth taking a look at. They had beautiful women’s tops that were 100% hand embellished. The shop has a strong Euro feel and the display case in front of the store is worth appreciated. The window display has a collection of hundreds of antique Singer sewing machines. The articles of clothing are quite pricey ranging from about $270 for a shirt to $695 for a beautiful dress or some very expensive pants. The store carries both women’s and men’s clothing.

My friend and I decided to re-live our moments back in Spain by visiting self acclaimed Jose Andres’ restaurant Jaleo. I have great interest in Jose Andres since he studied with controversial chef Ferran Adria of Elbulli. Jose Andres has a festive personality and also has a show on PBS called Made in Spain.  He has made numerous appearances on travel shows including Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and On the Road: Spain.  He embraces everything about his beautiful country of Spain and shows extreme pride in his cooking. He boasts vivid colors and is experimental with the pairing of different ingredients to compose a colorful palette of taste in your mouth. He is full of life and creation! My friend and I made reservations for 5:00 P.M. at Jaleo. We knew that we would get better service and that we could take our time if we arrived this early. We were able to walk around the restaurant and snap photos to our delight. We had a great conversation with our server Spencer who had traveled to Spain and reminisced about his lovely experiences in the land of fiesta.


The first thing you are hit with is the color and eclectic patterns in the restaurant. You see vibrant reds, tangerine colors, lime greens that perk up anyone who feels a bit tired. Your server will bring you a alcohol and wine list via ipad. There was a button to press if you are feeling risky and adventurous for wine or cocktails. You press the button on the ipad and it does a roulette and chooses some wines or alcohol for you and your party. We went old school and ordered a carafe of sangria which will pour your 2 glasses each for a couple. The carafe cost $25.00. The sangria is poured into bucket glasses and is spruced up with a sprig of mint, a chunk of watermelon, accompanied with zesty slices of orange and lemon and has a sprinkle of cinnamon.


  • Pan Con Tomate: This is bread that is toasted. They then rub tomato and garlic onto the bread
  • Jamon Iberico: Prime Top Quality salted pork. This is not your typical pork. Jamon Iberico comes from a Spanish Black pig that eats acorns (bellotas). The jamon iberico slice is different from other salted pork because it glistens and sweats when you look at the slices. Also the slice of jamon iberico has a nutty flavor that you don’t experience with other salted porks. It is the best of its kind. At Jaleo the slices are few and between, but at least they have the prized meat in the U.S. now. The slices were served on wood carving board. Ran about $18. Place the slice on a pan con tomate and roll your eyes back into your head as your mouth has a party.


  • Escalivada Catalana: Roasted red peppers, eggplant, & sweet onions drizzled with sherry dressing. This dish was very colorful. You can eat everything on the plate including the flower petals. This dish reminds me of the careful plating & instruction that Jose Andres received while training and cooking at Elbulli. The eggplant looked like slices of eel or sardines. The dish was light tasting and full of pepper flavor. I loved eating a bite of the pepper, eggplant, onion and parsley. It all just melted in my mouth.


  • Croquetas con Jamon Iberico: This was a special for the night and was not on the menu. Our server Spencer recommended this lovely item. The Croquetas had bits of Jamon iberico inside. As you bite into the croqueta, the texture is creamy and there is a delightful crunch.
  • Datiles Con Tocino “como hace todo el mundo”: This dish was a definite finger food of dates wrapped in bacon and served with a apple mustard sauce. You pop them in your mouth and the dates flavor continues to prolong in your mouth with each bite.
  • Patatas Bravas: Jaleo’s Interpretation is very different here. For people who are used to chunky bits of potatoes served with allioli sauce, you might be a little disappointed. Jaleo’s version are light potato chips topped with a spicy pepper sauce and aioli. I was expecting them to be hot, but they were cold. I will have to admit, these chips were good and light, but I am a traditionalist. I was expecting chunky potatoes.


So my friend and I had some amazing paella in Spain. We ordered a paella that was recommended to us by our waiter. There is a disclaimer on the menu that says if you are going to order paella, that you must tell the server ahead of time as it takes 45 minutes to prepare. Why you might ask? They have a paella station that is out in the open where you can watch them fire and grill ingredients on an open fire. The chefs of the paella station use real wood to fire up the rice pan. On the other side you can see a chef grilling veggies and meat a la plancha (on the grill). If you look at the picture below, the paella station is off to the far right. When your paella is finished, all the chefs and people in the restaurant yell “Paella”. We ordered the paella that had several seasonal summer vegetables. I would like to say that I was excited about the paella, but I was disappointed by it. It wasn’t zesty yellow like Spanish paella that has large amounts of saffron. We should have ordered the paella that had shrimp and mussels and scallops. I’m not sure if it was on the menu. The portion was really small for two people, but we had a lot to eat so it balanced out. It was a bummer way to end the meal, but then again I have to think that I was comparing this paella to Spanish paella in Spain. I recommend trying another paella on the menu. I did mention to the server that I was disappointed and I could tell he felt kind of bad.  But overall, it was a great experience and I enjoyed having this dinner with my friend. Definitely check it out. Our bill was $119.

Other Snapshots of Jaleo & the Cosmopolitan

Private Dining room with a Dim Sum Table at Jaleos

Table Arrangements on the Outside Seating Area

MOOOOOCHAS Gracias Jaleo! Buen Provecho!


2 thoughts on “Jaleo Dining Experience and the Cosmopolitan: Las Vegas

  1. Wow, what a cool chandelier! The shops and restaurants look like a lot of fun too. But how strange about the ‘patatas bravas’ – those look like regular potato chips topped with stuff.

    • Apparently our server told us that a lot of people complain about the patatas bravas so they always have to give a disclaimer. I was disappointed because I am a traditionalist. The potato chips were still delicious. I went to a traditional restaurant (Spanish) last night called romescos in chula vista. This restaurant is Spanish fused with Mexican and it was delicious!!!!! If you ever come to San Diego, I recommend it!!!

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