How students do listen to lectures and go see the world

We often wonder as teachers if students apply our lessons to life or go past the textbook. Teaching history, many students come in with the impression that history is “old” and “boring” and that it doesn’t apply to them. I always dispel that myth on the first week when students come into my classroom. History is what you make of it. It is totally personal and can be fascinating. I often show pictures of my travels, tell them funny, sad and interesting stories about history that are not in the history textbooks. You would be so surprised at how much students remember those stories rather than what is in the text. There is history in everything. Each person and how they were named usually has an interesting story. Whatever your hobby may be, there is a history to that as well. I also tell students that when they leave my class, they will see all kinds of things that they will now know and understand. Students will make connections to the video games they play, they have referenced that they have seen things like the Hindu “OM” symbol or “Ganesha”.

The “OM” is a Hindu word referring to the breath of life.

Ganesha is a Hindu God that helps remove obstacles

Just today, I received a short and sweet email from a former student who is now in their 3rd year of college. Here is this student’s email.

Before my study abroad in Cordoba, my friend and I are travelling our way through some European countries for two weeks! Right now, we are in Istanbul. Here are some pictures from my trip so far (it has been 2 days) that I thought you would appreciate. After this we are going to be in Athens, Rome and then Paris before going to Spain. It has been a blast so far! I absolutely love Istanbul. It is truly a vibrant yet still cultural and historical city.
Here are some gorgeous pictures from my student! Glad they are taking beautiful photos!
Sisterns in Turkey
Map of Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia)
Exterior View of Ayasofya in Istanbul, Turkey
Interior of Ayasofya
So teachers, keep on teaching and remember that those stories you tell in class inspires students. Yes, the books are there, but those personal stories that you tell them are what counts! Happy Teaching!

2 thoughts on “How students do listen to lectures and go see the world

    • Wish I could say I was there, but my student is there with her roommate in a study abroad program. However, I would love to hear your recommendations on Istanbul! One of my bucket list journeys is to visit the Ayasofya and the Suleymaniye Mosque. Also the spice market is HIGH ON MY LIST!

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