Cute Cooking Show: The Little Paris Kitchen

Was watching the cooking channel and came across a cute show called “The Little Paris Kitchen” starring Rachel Khoo.

It’s a BBC special. I just adore hearing her British accent. Reading up a little on her biography, she decided to go live in Paris to study at “Le Cordon Bleu”. Of course that is one of my dreams, but not sure if that is in the cards or my future at the moment.

The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo

Rachel cooked a dish called “tartiflette” The ingredients included lardons (cubes of smoked bacon), julienned potatoes, Reblochon Cheese, butter, onions, white wine and a bay leaf. She paired her tartiflette with a simple salad and said it would be a great spring or summer dinner (can’t remember which).

Her kitchen was cute, small and practical. She was lighting the stove with a match and moving around in a small space. I appreciated this, because my kitchen is small and seems helpless. Watching shows like Top Chef and other famous celebrity chef kitchens, everything they do seems so easy because they are fully equipped with top of the line products. Yeah….I would be cooking like a celebrity chef if I had a huge ass kitchen and every cooking tool you could imagine. So her humbleness was refreshing and inspiring. I love her mosaic tiled wall.  “Si tou vois Mere” song by Sidney Bechet played while she was sauteeing her dish! I also caught a fun and sweet song called “Je Suis Seul Ce Soir” by Swing 41.

She finished off the show with a parfait glass of decadent chocolate mousse.

I look forward to ordering her book. She cooks from the heart, smiles a lot and makes cooking seem easy. I like that, especially with the crazy schedule that I have. The book looks like it has great photography and her fashion is fun to watch. Happy Cooking! So glad I channel surfed today and found her! She’s on BBC!


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