Beer Tasting in Paso Robles (Firestone Walker and BarrelHouse Brewing Company)

When it clocks in at 100 degrees in Paso Robles, you tend to stay in with the air conditioning blasting on, but not today. My cousin and I decided to change up the scene by skipping wineries and going to have a ice cold refreshing beer instead. We were on our way to Morro Bay, but we glanced over at Firestone Brewery and decided to check out the “Tap Room” In a casual conversation the other day, she mentioned that there have been a lot of cars parked around the “Tap Room” so there must be a big buzz about it.


Ambience: We walked in and I was taken aback by the industrial feel of the place. The inside space was super modern and clean with a lot of cool metal work. To the left of the door entrance was a bar with several booths and plenty of bar top tables. If you look up towards the ceiling, there is a conveyer belt moving with several beer bottles in motion. Super cool if you ask me! I should have taken a picture or video, I regret that! Will do it next time I go sometime this week. Also inside the restaurant space, we noticed that the design included kegs that were sliced in half and were designed into the wall. The kegs also had taps still included on them. There were lots of  Firestone Walker signs and advertisement posters. There was also a few pieces of artwork showing the beautiful landscape of Paso’s Wine country. I also really like their logo with a bear and lion. The bear and lion reminded me of some of the beer halls that I visited in Germany.


Lunch: There lunch menu is not overwhelming which made selection much easier. Some of the selections were: burger with fries,  margherita pizza, bbq brisket sandwich, fish and chips, fish tacos, cobb salad etc. Something enticing like a maple bacon grilled cheese sandwich caught our eye, but I’m sure the calorie count was not favorable. I saw some other tables nibbling on some gorgeous looking onion rings. They looked like they were fried with panko bread crumbs. I also saw someone eating a calzone, so there is a great selection for everyone with all kinds of different appetites. As we talked to our friendly server, she mentioned that there is a dinner menu and a dessert menu. She was kind enough to drop off the menu for us so that we could salivate over their dinner menu.

Beer: Of course, this is a brewery and what kind of visit would this be if you didn’t order a beer? We asked for recommendations from our lovely server. She recommended the Walker’s Reserve and also the Double DBA. There was also an unfiltered Double DBA. I loved how they served the beers in the proper glasses. The Walker’s Reserve was served in a tulip glass and my 16 oz “805” glass had a “FW” for Firestone Walker etched on the bottom. As I was finishing my crisp and refreshing “805” my eyes saw a sparkling etching at the bottom of my glass and it was a special eye treat for me which I appreciated. Of course there are many other beers to choose from, but that is for you to go and experience. They do sell out, so don’t hesitate. You can always walk across the street and go to Firestone’s Tasting Room. Lots of cool merchandise to buy with great logos and designs on their t-shirts. Click here for Firestone Walker Merchandise. 

Verdict: Great place to visit! Family friendly as well. Nice and spacious and very clean. Moderate prices, but nothing that will break the bank. Happy to see this place in Paso Robles. I will definitely be going back there to try out their organic fuji apple cobbler.

BarrelHouse Brewing Company

My cousin also mentioned for us to go check out this cute little brewery off of Limestone Way. She mentioned that they had some gardens. This brewery is located in a small industrial area right off of the freeway. As you approach it, you’ll see red cloth umbrellas and some grass patches. There were several picnic tables outside accompanied with multi-colored plastic chairs.




They open at 2:00 PM on Wednesday and Thursdays and we arrived at 1:52 P.M. The owner happened to be walking by and let us in early. Immediately upon entering, you could smell the fresh hops and grains doing its magic for a fresh batch of stout. It was rather warm inside the brewery because they were just finishing up some beer making and there was no air conditioning. The kind lady at the beer counter welcomed us and told us where to sit for some fan action and some local breezes. We ordered a $10 beer flight and a $5 Kolsh beer (light crisp beer).


We were the first guests so we had plenty of room. Since it is an industrial space, you can bring your own food. On Fridays and Saturdays, the trendy food trucks come for a visit.


The lady serving us beer was super nice, friendly and made sure that she greeted every customer that came in. She was very observant about people’s beers and made sure that everyone was content. It was too hot to go outside, so we stayed inside and camped out barstool style. She talked about the BarrelHouse hosting concerts and many events. The place felt super casual, chill and relaxing.


So if you want a little break from wine, go check out some local beer spots. Guaranteed you will have fun!




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