Godzilla Travels the World


Godzilla attacking Chris Drake on our tour bus in Tuscany, Italy. The students and I had a great laugh with this one!

When I was 21, I was walking around North Beach in San Francisco. I walked into a small store where I spoke with a Chinese woman.She sold toys for kids at a really low price. Her philosophy was to sell toys to kids as reasonable prices because parents shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for toys. “KIDS SHOULD PLAY” is what she stated very firmly. I responded with a “I completely agree”. I walked around and found a Godzilla toy. I grew up always admiring Godzilla for some reason. The fact that I am half Japanese may be the very reason and his blood may run through my veins (laugh)

I purchased a Godzilla toy for about $5 or so. Since then, Godzilla has brought back a nostalgic child like trait when I travel. I pose Godzilla wherever I travel. I have photo shoots with him and local people watch as I pose him in funny poses in Venice, Japan, Vegas, Italy etc..It brings back a child like feeling when I do this and it gives everyone with me a sense of purpose to forget what we are doing and to just have silly fun! Throughout the whole trip, we have something to talk about besides where we are going next or what time we have to get back to the hotel or when we are going to book tickets for a train or plane. Our silly laughters take over our being for a bit and we exchange funny stories about local people’s reactions. I have found the locals to take out their very own cameras and take photos too. I have heard his name pronounced with different dialects and languages as the locals and I laugh together. For a moment in time, we all connect!

Picture Above: Godzilla at the Forum in Rome, Italy

Picture Above: Godzilla in Tuscany

I took a trip with 22 high school students to Argentina. This picture was taken at a Catholic Private School in Buenos Aires in Belgrano. The girls loved snapping a photo with Godzilla. They were a bit sad when I told them I had to take him back. They thought he was a gift.


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