Leaving Narita Airport back to San Diego

Tokyo Narita Airport Terminal 2 Gate & Departure Area

Make sure that you have ample time to get yourself to the airport on time. If you are in the southern part of Japan, you will probably fly out of Haneda Airport. For those of you closer to the Tokyo Metropolis, you will most likely fly out of Narita Airport. 

Make sure you research whether you should take a chartered bus to the airport or the train. If your Japan rail pass is still active, then that is the best route. In the case of my mother and I, we took the ROSELINER from Ibaraki (Yellow Port in Oarai) My mother and I had to call the day before to reserve our tickets from Ibaraki Ko. http://www.ibako.co.jp/bus/hwbus/roseliner-e/roseliner-e.htm

We allowed ourselves 5 hours. It took us one and a half hours to get to Narita. It took us about 45 minutes to exchange our yen back to American dollars. We were walking around researching the best exchange rates and found out that Chiba Bank was the best. The quickest advice is the lower the yen rate, the better exchange rate you get. Then we had about an hour to look around the duty free shops and eat some last minute Japanese food. There are more shops by the gates, so no need to worry if you are stressing about gifts. 

Need a last minute shower, massage or a bed to sleep in for an hour? Yes, Tokyo Narita Airport has a facility to cater to your tired and grouchy self. I looked at the cost and it was about 1000 yen for a shower (one hour use). The airport spa (can’t remember the name) was full for the next few hours, so I couldn’t get a quick foot massage. 

One thing that I truly appreciated was the different panels of old Japanese art and history that they placed up on the walls throughout the gates. I witnessed some great history panels from Katsushika Hokusai. Not only did they pay tribute to Hokusai, but they also threw in some modern pieces of glass work for a resting area. The other detail that I appreciated were the origami scenes in the gift shops. The displays were so beautiful that people were taking pictures of them. 

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