Wining and Dining Around the World

I hate when I travel around and forget to write down some of the great restaurants and bottles of wine or cool liquors I have tried around the world. Here is an attempt to list them down as I go in hopes that someone will try it themselves! I’m going back and researching as many as I can, so I will continue to update this list.



  1. Argentina: Trapiche Gran Medalla Malbec 2006. Region: Mendoza, Argentina. Gift from our dear tour guide Mauriano.
  2. Spain: Pedro Ximenez El Candado Valdespino Sherry. Region: Jerez, Andalucia Spain. Tried this lovely bottle that has a key and a lock on a Tapa Tour in Madrid, Spain. Thanks Andres Jarabo!
  3. California: Tobin James Winery. Region: Paso Robles, California. My cousin brought me to this lovely “down to earth” winery. They give a great pour and are super friendly!
  4. Spain: Mas D’ Encompte Priorat 2007. Region: Tarragona, Spain. Tried this at the same tapa tasting/wine tour where I encountered Pedro Ximenez’ wines.
  5. Catalunya: Freixenet Cava: Region: Penedes, Catalunya. Didn’t get a chance to tour the winery, but drank many a glasses while in Northern Catalunya.



  1. Chez Panisse. Location: Berkeley, California. Alice Waters is the pioneer of organic cooking. Didn’t think a $20 salad would taste good, it was heavenly! The whole lunch was a fantastic experience.
  2. Lucha Libre. Location: San Diego, California. Yes, this was on Man vs. Food but the California Burrito & the salsas are super tasty!
  3. Claires on Cedros: Location: San Diego, California. My usual breakfast spot. Great ingredients used and friendly staff.
  4. Sushi Ota. Location: San Diego, California. One of, if not the best Sushi restaurant in San Diego.
  5. El Nopalito. Location: San Diego, California. Authentic Mexican Food. Not a place for ambience, but a place to sit down have a coke and some good Mexican Food. Their roasted chipotle salsa is lovely. It does feel like a hole in the wall.
  6. Puerto La Boca: Location: Little Italy, San Diego, California. Great Argentine Steak House! Really great empanadas, great fries and fantastic steaks!
  7. Suppenkuche: Location: San Francisco, California. Check out this German Restaurant/Pub. You can drink beer from a glass boot cup! A place to meet new people due to the fact that you sit at random tables with random people.
  8. Pakwan: Location: San Francisco, California. The best Pakistani chicken tikka masala that I have had and I have tried many tikka masalas around the world.
  9. Kenka: Location: Manhattan, New York. This is a crazy place to go and get your “drink on” It’s outfitted with retro pachinko machines and 1980’s heyday Japanese paraphernalia. Japanese tapas are served and it is a bit noisy. Located in the East Village. You’ll spot a huge Tanuki statue in front.
  10. Tip Top Meats & European Deli: Location: Carlsbad, California. This is the best German restaurant & deli in San Diego. Prices are affordable and the feeling at this place is warm and cozy. They have a full service butcher shop and the owner still cases his own sausages.
  11. Phil’s BBQ: The best of BBQ for San Diego. Featured on Man vs. Food. Also competes at the BBQ challenge in Reno, Nevada every year. Their “El Toro” Sandwich won the best sandwich for the West Coast on Man vs. Food. 
  12. Lawrys: The Prime Rib:  A classic fine establishment that carves up prime rib from the classic silver cart. The carvers have to take a 2 month course to be properly trained to properly serve and cut your huge hunk of meat. Yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach and corn, shrimp cocktail all accompany this traditional meat delight. Have a classic dirty martini and don’t forget the desserts.

A tasty apple & blueberry tart paired with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream at Chez Panisse


  1. Argentina: Cabana Las Lilas: Steak House. Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  1. Japan: Monsoon Cafe: Location: Daikanyama, Tokyo. Great ambience. Go to the third floor where there is a koi pond.
  2. Japan: Seiryumon: Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo. Not the best food, but a definite experience. They serve tapa Chinese plates. This is a heaven & hell bar. An elevator takes you up to heaven or down to hell. A cool experience. Go check out the bathroom, it might shock you!
  3. Japan: Le Aladdin: Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo. I sat or laid in a Arabian style bed. I had some kind of curry dish and some cocktails. I feel like I remember seeing a elephant statue. High ceilings and lots of decoration. It stuns you on how big the space is.


  1. Indonesia: Kafe Batan Waru: Location: Ubud: Bali. Had the best lemon chicken fettucine here! Will never forget it!
  2. Indonesia: Cafe Lotus: Location: Ubud, Bali. There is also another location in Candidasa that overlooks the ocean, literally!
  3. Indonesia: Indus Cafe: Location: Ubud, Bali. Overlooks the rice terraces! A must for lunch!

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